YCT and HSK exams

Since 2014, we have been authorized by the Chinese ministry of Education to organize the Chinese test YCT (Youth Chinese Test). We also are one of the registration site for the official Chinese exam HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) which is organized by the Chinese minister of Education.

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HSK exam

HSK is an standardized international exam which assess your Madarin level in daily life, at school and at work. Here are the expected language skills and  levels:


Written HSK level Oral HSK level
Required vocabulary
 CECRL level
Corresponding TONGJI level
6 Advanced + de 5000 C2 X
5 2500 C1 Levels 6,7, 8, 9
4 Intermediary 1200 B2 Level 5
3 600 B1 Level 4
2 Elementary 300 A2 Level 3
1 150 A1 Level 1,2

Understand and use simple words and sentences in order to address occasional communication needs while having the capacity to lear more.

Being able to simply communicate about familiar or everyday life topics.

Being able to communicate about daylife life, studies or in a professional environment. Being  able to cope during a touristic trip.

Being able to talk proficiently about various topics.

Read fluently the press, understand a film or TV show, make a structured speech.

Understand with ease read or written information, express easily at the oral as at writting.

YCT exam

YCT is a standardized international exam for Chinese language evaluation, which is specifically targeted for primary and secondary schools students for whom Chinese is not a primary language.

Here are the expected skills according to the different levels:

YCT Level
Number of words
Chinese international standards
Corresponding CECRL level
Corresponding TONGJI level
4 600 Level 3 B1 Level 4
3 300 Level 2 A2 Level 3
2 150 Level 1 A1 Level 2
1 80     Level 1

Level 1 users can understand most common words and sentences in Chinese and are able to pursue Chinese studies.

Level 2 users can understand and use simple words and sentences in Chinese while answering to basic and pratical communication.

Level 3 users can use Chinese for simple and direct communication on common and familiar topics.

 Level 4 users can use Chinese for fundamental communication in everyday life, for their studies or during their trips to China; they can manage most of communication issues.

Bright Language

Fast, effective and objective online language tests for professionals

Corporates, training organizations, universities, business and engineering schools, ect. Assess the language proficiency of your employees, staff or students with our no-fuss easy-to-use tools tailored to your professional objectives.Bright assessment tests are available in 11 different languages.

A reasonable test duration adapted to the professional context :

  • The recommended passage time is approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour, which does not mobilize the candidate for too long.
  • Once the test has been completed, the candidate can directly access his or her evaluation report and receives a certificate of aptitude.
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