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Our students

registered en 2017
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Mainly from Paris and the rest of Île-de-France

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Satisfaction 2018

This survey has been conducted in november 2018 (246 answers)

About 95% say that the training was satisfactory to very satisfactory and 9/10 would recommend it to their friends

About 85% say that the teaching methodology cater for their needs and is efficient as well as interactive

Around 80% believe that their daily communication has been improved 

Some of our students' views

« I am very happy to know the teachers and the classmates. French is very important. »
Nos cours de français pour tous âges et tous niveaux
« Thanks to the teacher for her patience, I have learned a lot in French. »
Nous proposons des cours de français, anglais, et chinois
« The teacher is very serious and very patient, we always have homework after class and we improve quickly! »
Salle de classe ASLC