Our cultural activities

Educational trips

TONGJI school organizes linguistic stays in collaboration with the Beijing’s Institute of Education in China. These trips are intented for children from Chinese families registered in our classes as well as for students from French families which began to learn Chinese.

The stay’s goal is on the hand to improve and consolidate the participants’ Chinese level thanks to reinforced practice in immersion in a Chinese-speaking environment, and on the other hand to make the students spend instructive and unforgettable summer holidays. These linguistic are very appreciated by our studends because it mixes learning and entertainment.

Since 2014, our school has been collaborating with the Haban and picks every year several students for a two weeks summer stay in China. Various activites are provided including:

  • attend Chinese language and culture classes,
  • participate in cultural exchanges with Chinese students
  • Make cultural visits, etc.

The Haban supports accomodation, transport, study and visits costs during the stay. However, international trip costs (air travel,..) are at the expense of the participants.

Registration conditions:

  • Being between 16 and 18
  • Possessing French nationality
  • Being selected according to the results of the HSK or YCT exam
Voyage linguistique TONGJI
Voyage linguistique TONGJI


 At the end of every semester, the school organizes extracurricular activities.

For instance, during the summer 2018, we brought our students to the Quai Branly museum where they were deeply attracted by the unique and original art from Asia.


Sorties culturelles TONGJI

In August 2016, the school organized an outing at the “Jardin des plantes” (botanic garden). The goal was to get close to nature and make the children feel the connection between humans and their natural environment.

Sorties culturelles TONGJI
Sorties culturelles TONGJI

On August 30, 2019, a group of 54 students of the Tongji School visited the Historical Museum on Franco-Chinese friendship and Chambord Castle.

On June 22, 2019, we organized a cultural outing to the Musée de Guimet (Musée national des arts asiatiques) for our motivated and pleasant students, accompanied by about ten teachers.

Our collections

Here are some works by our students from the third grade, in the papercutting session.