Heritage Language Chinese


These classes are intended for Chinese children from migrant background from the age of 7

Method and manuel:

Heritage language Chinese classes rely on the Standard Chinese manuel. We adapt to the students’ level by offering nine levels in total. The school implements advanced teaching methods.  In addition to the manuel, the class is complemented with contents about Chinese history, geography and culture, poetry, songs, calligraphy, reading and writing exercices.

Our teaching staff uses innovative methods thanks to the continuing education of the teachers. The class focus on oral practice and the active participation of the children for a practical use of the language in every-day life.

Furthermore, written comprehension and expression are an essential part of the understanding of Chinese culture : they also are adressed during the classes with interactive approaches. The use of projectors make the class fall within the digital era.

Manuel chinois TONGJI
Calligraphie TONGJI
Salle de classe

Choose your level:

 TONGJI levels
Expected characters
Corresponding  CECRL level
Level 1 126 A1
Level 2 352 A1
Level 3 650 A2
Level 4 950 B1
Level 5 1250 B2
Level 6 1500 C1
Level 7 1694 C1
Level 8 1865 C1
Level 9 2053 C1



  Duration Rate
Autumn classes
40 weeks (60h) 210 €
Summer classes 8 weeks (48h) 210 €


CAF financial help :

Registered students can ask for a “ticket loisirs” (leisure ticket) to obtain help from the CAF. For more information, you can see the reception desk at the school.