French on Specific Goals (FOS)

Description :

These trainings are targeted for people that need to improve their French as part of a professional project or for trainees already integrated in the workplace but who need a linguistically or technical brush up. They foster the acquisition of knowledge, know-how and know-how-to-be and therefore allow you to build the foundational competences needed in situations linked to a specific professional environment.

A support to access employment can be organized at the end of the training.

 Several career fields can be considered: hotel industry, catering, early childhood, secretariat, construction, tourism, business, … Ask your teaching manager for more info about coming trainings.

Main Goal


Adults with little or no French level, invividual candidacy or send by partners




A specific offer is modeled in consutlation with partners according  trainees’ needs




French classes and workshops which are focused on a specific theme and on professional competences in order to facilitate access to employment 


Des formations à objectif professionnel courtes
Des formations professionnalisantes longues

These trainings include:

  • Linguistic approach: general and specific French language classes (vocabulary, act of speech… according to the targeted professional field)
  • Technical approach: professional competences (know-how and know-how-to-be)
  • Pratice: with work placement experiences

The content and modalities of these classes (prerequisites, frequency, length, financial participation…, …) are built in collaboration with the partners. Sessions are organized on a regular basis.

Contact us for any information on the upcoming sessions or to register individuals or groups.



Examples of work oriented trainings:

 Hotel industry jobs
Early childhood care


 25h a week 5h a week
(1 language class + 1 workshop)
  Lenght 2 weeks
(1 in language et 1 of pratice)
 400h on a year
  Price 50 € Free
(supported by Paris