French as Foreign Language (FLE)

Description :

We offer to assist you, thanks to progressive and personalized teaching from beginner to advanced level, to acquire a knowledge of French language that you will need, in your academical, professional or personal life. These classes will also allow you to diplomas and certifications (DELF, TCF) in French Language.

In this perspective, our classes will enable you to practice all types of competences (oral and written comprehension/expression ) and all aspects of French language, whether they are linguistic or cultural.

On top of our French classes, we organize thematic workshops to complement your language discovery: phonetics, conversation, French through media, exam preparation, … These small-group workshops encourage the interactions in the group as well as a deeper understanding of the language. The cultural outings with the teachers, provide the opportunity to approach language learning from a different perspective.


Main goal



Non French-speaking adults of all nationalities




50 to 100 h session




Master general French in order to obtain a certification or for professional, academic or personal pruposes.

Niveaux proposés :

Cours de langue A1
Cours de langue A2
Cours de langue B1
Cours de langue B2
Cours de langue C1/C2
  • Understand and use short and simple sentences on familiar topics

  • Know how introduce yourself, talk about yourself, your family your close environment
  • Understand and use more complex sentences on several issues

  • Be more autonomous in your every day life, for speaking and writting
  • Be able to describe, talk about events, experiences, projects

  • Have simple and coherent discourse on several topics
  • Understand concrete and asbtract issues at oral and written French

  • Communicate with ease and spontaneity and with clarity and detail about a wide range of topics.
  • Use French with efficiency and flexibility in your social, academic or profesional life.

  • Express yourself with spontaneity and precision, differentiating finer shades of meaning.

Formats :


 3 or 4 times a week
(6 or 8h weekly)

 Lenght From 50h to 100h
 PriceFrom 5 to 6 € per hour