Foreign Language Chinese

Cours de langue pour tous niveaux et pour tous âges !


These classes are open to all adults interested by Chinese language and culture, whether it is for professional or personal reasons, to prepare for trip or an expatriation in China, or simply for pleasure!

You can discover or improve your practice of Chinese language thanks to our classes designed specifically to meet your needs.

Methods and manual:



We offer three different class levels : beginner, intermediary and advanced.

Our pedagoy focus on oral and everyday practice of Chinese language, but  the discovery of Chinese characters and writting, as a reflection of Chinese thinking, also is introduced progressively.

Lanternes chinoises


  Duration Frequency
Short session
12 weeks (24h)  2h / week
165 €
Long session
24 weeks (48h)  2h / week
330 €


Tests and exams:

In order to validate your level in Chinese, you can pass the HSK test, organised under the authority of the Chinese Minister of Education, thanks to our partner ACTE.