Chinese classes

TONGJI School, located in Paris, is a member of the ASIEMUT Federation. TONGJI was funded in 2014 by Marc Paul with the aim of meeting the needs of the first and second generation chinese migrants, but its activities have been already existing as part of the activitiés of the Association for Academic, Linguistic, Cultural Support (ASLC, also member of the ASIEMUT federation) for more than 10 years.

Our team is composed of competent teachers, whose mother tongue is chinese, and who  have several years of teaching experience. They all gratuated in foreign language instruction.

China is a country of History and opportunities, of tradition and modernism, and is language may open the door to infinite possiblities…

Our approach:

Our main offer are “Heritage language” chinese classes. They are aimed at children of chinese immigrant descent from 7 years old, who already are familiar with the Chinese language. It was chinese parents that pushed us to offer these classes before the following observation : their children were losing their source language after they entered school, while Chinese language keep taking importance on the international scene and thus could  benefit them in the future. Furthermore, in other cases, the parents speak a regional language and are not able to pass on the Madarin language to their chilren. Lastly, written chinese takes a very central part in its culture and its complex teaching need adapted methodology.

We offer classes from beginner to advanced level (9 levels in total) as well as cultural workshops (music, poesy, caligraphy, paper-cutting art) in order to maitain the link between the children and their source culture.


Four kind of classes:

  • These classes are aimed at children who already are familiar with the Chinese language

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  • These classes are aimed at children who are not familiar with the Chinese language

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  • These classes help teenage high school students to prepare for the baccalauréat Chinese exam.

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Temple chinois

Tests and exams:

Moreover, our school was certified by the Haban (Chinese national office for Chinese foreign language teaching) to serve as an exam center for the YCT (Youth Chinese language Test) aimed at primary and secondary school pupils. Collaborating with our partner ACTE, we also help the French Chinese teachers association (AFPC) to organize the Chinese proficiency test HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi).